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Alban Flag.png
Capital City: York
System of Governance: Monarchy
Leader(s) King Michael "The Good" Van Dance
Primary Religion: Thracian Pantheon
Languages Alban
Majority Races Human
Strong Minorities Gaelbraugh, Paleteth
Real World Influence: England


An island nation that was once part of the greater Imajikan Empire, Alba is the very picture of a modern monarchy, lead by the benevolent King Michael who is supported by lesser nobles and landowners. Composed of rolling hills and fields, the land is ideal for farming, with port cities open for trade on almost all of its coastal range. The capitol city of York is located in the north central portion of the island, in what was once a verdant set of fields but is now a modern urban center. The people are mostly Human with a significant number of Gael’braugh living as an integrated part Alban society, including the nobility. Culturally, the people are hardworking and earnest, leading to a society where skill is prized, and the people are stiff in the face of adversity. The most common religious observance is to the Thracian pantheon, but observance of Sidhe deities from Gael’braugh influence is also widespread. While only one among the many important events that have occurred in Alba in the last twenty years, the failed Crusade of King Richard, his eventual return leading an army of the undead, and subsequent defeat; has had a great effect on world events. Alba most closely matches real world England during the middle ages in its geography and culture.


Culture found in land


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Social Structure

How the society is structured

Customs and Holidays

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Alba & Warwick Map

Organization of the Land

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Foreign Relations


History since the Dragon Wars

Early History

National History

Major Modern Events

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  • Oct 31-Nov 1, 2013, birth of twins "Henry Arthur Hideyoshi Van Dance" ((Would be Henry VIII upon ascension)) And "Thomas Frederick Takahiro Van Dance". One born just before midnight, one just after.


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