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The Dhampari are a cursed race, made up of the once dead from other player character races. Most Dhampari never tasted life to begin with, either being stillborn or dying in early infancy. Others had a chance at life but are unwilling to accept their death. Most beliefs, including the prevalent beliefs in Alba (the nation the game is played in), hold that the spirits of the dead make a deal with Ravnos, Lord of the Undead, or comparable figure, swearing an oath to the false deity in exchange for a second chance at life. The Dhampari do not remember the nature of their oath until Ravnos calls upon the Dhampari to serve him in the mortal realm; a compulsion they cannot resist. Their oath cannot be Divined or Scryed upon in advance through any manner.

Some cultures do not believe in the oath, and instead believe that Dhampari are characters with thwarted destinies given a second chance to meet them, or who were too impressive to remain restricted by death. Other cultures view Dhampari as a purgatory that unclean souls are damned to.

Whether the Dhampari swears an oath or not, most will attest that they received the short end of the bargain. When returned to the world of the living they may not be technically undead, but that distinction provides very little comfort. The nature of their existence is clearly visible, with them baring the obvious signs of their initial death for all to see. The Dhampari are shunned by most societies, disgust being obvious on the faces of even their former loved ones.

For the Dhampari who had lived past infancy in their first life, it is hard to distinguish which ones have it worse: the ones stripped of their previous mortal memories when they were reborn as Dhampari, or those whose memory is intact but are unable to resume their old place in the world, for which they damned themselves trying to return to.

Despite their cold, dead appearance, Dhampari are living. They have a metabolism, and eat and age as the rest of the races do. They also have spirits, as strong as those naturally born, unlike individuals who return to the world of the living through the Ritual Reincarnation. However rather than going through birth again, Ravnos (or whatever process reanimates the Dhampari) will simply will Dhampari into mortal existence, typically making their bodies appear in their mid-to-late teens, or twenties, to improve the likelihood the Dhampari will live to fulfill their end of their bargain to him.


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