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The Dvergen culture is as ageless as the mountains they live in. Dverg are believed to once, long ago, be immigrants from Faery; wild Fae who did not choose a side in the conflict that has gripped the Fae for the length of memory. They are a stout and somber people who hold strongly to tradition and who, in many ways, are more isolated from the rest of the world than the Taelgranis. They carve their homes out of the very hearts of mountains, first as shelter from the latter days of the Dragon Wars, and then from the hardships that followed. Many Dverg will never leave the shelter of the mountains to experience the outside world — the furthest they travel is through the tunnels that connect the three Dvergen kingdoms to visit kin in another kingdom. Over the millennia, the surface of their mountain homes has become infested with predators, monsters, and Goblinoids, the climate has become much harsher, and in the North the Goblin Wastes has set in around the mountains. All of this offers little reason for them to change their isolationist habits, instead remaining intent on working their crafts within the security of their carved cities.

Dverg that do mingle with other races are typically outcasts or were raised by a family that long ago left their ancestral home and now live among another cultures. For these families there are still many traditions that hold over despite their isolation from the Dvergen homeland, for they tend to hold on to their traditions harder than other races. On rare occasions, certain Dverg living in their mountain homes will stray to the surface pursuing the interests of their homeland.


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