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Felinae Makeup Examples

The Felinae are bipedal, sapient felines defined by their ability to adapt to whatever environment they find themselves. More than any other race, Humans included, Felinae can make themselves at home in whatever culture and lands they are in, opting to embrace local customs rather than persistently hold on to their own. In their ancestral homelands in the Kategonian Forests (Cuauhtla forest in the native tongue of its inhabitants) along the southern border of Damascus the Felinae live a savage, primitive lifestyle as the apex predators in the jungles hunting all creatures for food, other Player Character Races included. Leaving the jungle, the predatory instincts quickly fall below the surface and a displaced individual can adapt to such an extent as to become one of the most urbane personalities within a Malayan court. This level of cultural adaptability leads many Felinae to travel among cultures, undaunted by societal differences, and Felinae have spread to all corners of the known world and moreover their quick ability to embrace local culture has made them welcome in almost all lands. Rather than remaining different, they quickly fit in to a host culture, which has led the race to encountering few prejudices and enabled them to climb the social later among many societies. It is not that the predatory instincts that define primitive Felinae are gone, but rather that the Felinae are most adept at applying their nature to a given environment so that it does not seem out of place. Rather than stalking prey with tooth and claw, a Felinae in a foreign court can just as easily apply the same principles with carefully selected words to the right individuals.

Felinae are divided into three subspecies, defined mostly by their colorations and similar morphology. The Celican most closely resemble the morphology of small cats such as domesticated house cats, Servals, and Fishing Cats. The Swaras resemble various midsized cats such as Cheetah and Lynx. Then there are the Khans who most closely resemble great cats such as Lions and Tigers. The distinction is mostly arbitrary, used by the Thracian legions to assume certain aptitudes, whether magic, stealth, or combat among the Felinae, however all of the subspecies in reality have comparable skills in these areas. The Felinae themselves rarely segregate along subspecies lines and will often intermarry. Offspring typically will inherit the morphology of only one of the parents though personality traits are equally inherited from both parents. It is rare for a Felinae child to inherit a mix of physical characteristics from both parents and is most typical when one of the parents has a non-Felinae ancestor (Example: a grandparent was a Paleteth with a Felinae parent), though even then not common.


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