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The Half Fae are just as the name implies, half Faery and half any other PC Race. Such unions are often repugnant to the cultures of both parents, and the offspring may be treated poorly. As mortals, they tend to be unwelcome in Faery and may be mistreated if they spend any time there. In their other parent's world, they are a sign of congress with the immortal and otherworldly, and with that parent may likewise be subject to difficulty. While not given the innate suspicion or hatred that dragoons receive, the Half-Fae tend to be seen either as untrustworthy or as flighty and foolish. This varies from place to place and with the exact parentage involved, of course, but some degree of stigma is almost universal.

The Fae parent may be of any origin and are not restricted to the traditional western Fae. In Alban lands and many neighboring it, the Fae tend to be organized into a Summer and Winter court, and the parent may be from either, or the unaffiliated Wild Fae. Farther afield, a Half Fae could have almost any parentage imaginable; they may be half Djinn from the deserts of Damascus or Kitsune from the forests of Nippon. All Half Fae feel drawn to others of their kind to a lesser or greater extent, regardless of the nature of their parents, and to full Fae. This can lead to small enclaves of Half Fae, with a unique culture unto themselves. Other than that, as half breeds they can be culturally influenced by either parent.


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