Los Islas del Sol

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High Level Overview of the place


Culture found in land


what faiths are present, what are the views on faith

Social Structure

How the society is structured

Customs and Holidays

What days matter to the people

Arts and Exceptionalism



Islas del Sol

Organization of the Land

How the power structure is divided regional (i.e. Duchies, Baronies, Lordships, etc.)


Originally colonized by seafaring felinae from Nikeria very early on, and felinae remain a solid if by no means large percentage of the population. After the somewhat more ferocious colonization by Hispalis at the height of its sea-mad adventures,the bulk of the island human population is of Hispalian descent, and humans are the largest group.

Other demographics tend to have their own little islands unto themselves, though there is also a profound amount of mixing and blending and paleteth and outcasts of every variety. The "have their own island" demographics include but are not limited to:

  • Barbarians
  • Ogres
  • Gypsies
  • Pirates (have a few spots that are very piratical, not like colonies but like secret coves and shit, and since no one REALLY clears the place out all that often and there are SO many, it persists)
  • Taelgranis who really hate the dark
  • An island of extreme academic researchers with their own strictly scientific-based academy. They don't teach magic not because it's bad but because that's not what they do. Founded by a schism of Alexandrian librarians or something.


Foreign Relations


History since the Dragon Wars

Early History

National History

Major Modern Events

What events will have shaped the experience of characters having grown up there


The physical lay of the land

Notable Features


The island is warm to the point of being tropical because, like Sylvanator, it profits from the erratic conditions created by the Terra Ore Whirlpool. This shoves cool air away, leaving a haven of warm balmy moist land north and east of the whirlpool that rather abruptly turns into frozen north land once you go beyond the reach of the shielding effects and associated atmospheric shape (a jet stream armpit with lots of moisture, hard boundary). And of course this is also probably an important part of why the desert below the whirlpool is so god damned dry, it's just a big terrifying jerk, that Terra Ore. (a.k.a. the Terror).

Peculiar Destinations

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