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Small but powerful, Melite was once alternatingly under the control of Hispalis, Uthmanli, and Malay, alongside other strong navel powers. It is now its own nation, though retains close ties with Hispalis. It is situated at the mouth of the Beryllian Gulf, between Hispalis and Abruzzio. Know primarily for its navel focus, Melite has strong sea fortifications, large shipyards, and one of the greatest navel academies in the world. The power of Melite is in its people and knowledge, so much so that should other nations violate their sovereignty, they will take their secrets to the grave. These secrets of shipbuilding do not leave Melite, period, but other information and training may be freely bartered for. If it is about something on, in, or around the sea, the Academy will know of it.

Melite is known across Terra for it's Naval Academy and shipyard, and as a safe harbor for sea voyagers. Their shipwrights guild is second to none. They are also known for their cunning diplomats who broker peace for the small but brilliant island.


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