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Capital City: Edo
System of Governance: Imperial, feudal
Leader(s) Emperror Yasuhito
Primary Religion: Dragon Orders, Koshinto
Languages Nipponjin
Majority Races Human
Strong Minorities none
Real World Influence: Japan

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The Empire of Nippon is an ancient island civilization, having existed in some form for thousands of years. The modern nation is ruled by an all-powerful Emperor, Yasuhito-Tenno, who has absolute control over the feudal states and rules through the use of a formal bureaucracy called the Daijo-kan. Nippon is a substantial archipelago off the southern coast of Eurus composed of five major and hundreds of smaller islands. It most closely borders the nation of Silla, which exists as a buffer state between the Empire of Nippon and its historical rival, the much larger Empire of Shalkara. The capital is located in the imperial city of Edo, overlooking a major harbor at the western extent of Nippon's largest island, Kyoto.

The Nipponjn culture has distinctive aesthetics and a unique history in part driven by a longstanding protectionist attitude about the world. The society is very rigid, with formal castes governing people's lives and potential. Commerce is disdained as a low enterprise, while both bureaucratic and military service are exalted.

The philosophies of the Dragon Orders are prominent in Nippon, where the throne itself is deeply identified with draconic iconography and the Emperor is said to have descended from the Great Dragons himself (The Imperial Clan have been Dragoons for as long as history records). Alongside these, however, there is a strong and widespread religious tradition called Koshinto which has elements of animism and formal ancestor worship.


Culture found in land


what faiths are present, what are the views on faith

Social Structure

How the society is structured

Customs and Holidays

What days matter to the people

Arts and Exceptionalism



Nippon Map

Organization of the Land

How the power structure is divided regional (i.e. Duchies, Baronies, Lordships, etc.)



Foreign Relations


History since the Dragon Wars

Early History

National History

Major Modern Events

What events will have shaped the experience of characters having grown up there


Volcanoes of Nippon

Notable Features

Several volcanoes, the most notable of which is Ikariyama, or "Fury Mountain". It is a large mountain occupying the eastern side of the Yamagata, and is the most active volcano in the south seas. It smokes constantly and the itself ground is incredibly unstable. Most who have tried to climb it have died due to stepping on the wrong spot and finding themselves scalded by sulfuric steam. When Ikariyama's activity spikes, fierce lightning storms can be seen seemingly attacking the caldera. In addition to the purely physical terrors of the mountain, it is also a hot spot for elemental activity. Mindless manifestations of the fury of the land can be found roaming it's slopes in the forms of fire, steam, and lightning elementals.


Peculiar Destinations

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