Nzadio Nzere

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Nzadio Nzere
Capital City: Kigali
System of Governance: Unaffiliated Tribes
Leader(s) Lo Lari Mgone Efekemke of Kigali
Primary Religion: Shamanism
Languages Zere, Hispalian
Majority Races Barbarian
Strong Minorities Felinae, Mongrel
Real World Influence: country

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The forbidding, alien jungles of Nzadi o Nzere, or "river that swallows all other rivers" in the local Zere language, are nevertheless the most accessible of all the deep jungle environs of Meridia. While the wild Felinae of Kategonia do not allow outsiders within their demesnes, the unaffiliated peoples of Nzadi o Nzere are relatively patient with, if not necessarily welcoming, outsiders along the vast waters of the Nzadi.

Each section of the vast river is claimed by a different overarching tribal government, which itself will contain anywhere from a handful to dozens of villages or tribes. As such, Nzadi o Nzere is essentially 8 smaller kingdoms who are classified together geographically rather than politically. The unthinkably vast Nzadi flows through a broad lowland, winding through extremely dense tropical jungles and gathering up subsidiary waters. Full of strange fish and exotic creatures, the people of Nzadi o Nzere have adapted in various ways to the peculiar blend of bountiful nature and extreme danger.

On the southern side of the delta of the river's mouth, the Hispalian colony of Gran Bendición ("Vast Blessing") endures the difficult environs and many natural dangers in order to trade with the people of Nzadi o Nzere for the exotic hardwoods found in the jungles, as well as peculiarities of the flora and fauna such as medicines or unusual furs.

The indigenous people of the Nzadi are mostly Barbarian, though there are groups of Felinae and peculiar Mongrels that are well integrated into particularly the upper reaches of the river and its constituents. The kingdoms or alliances tend to be informal, and usually match a model of being matrilineal (tracking descent through mothers) and semi-democratic. Religiously, the peoples of Nzadi o Nzere have a fairly consistent shamanistic approach to spirituality. This features old anthropomorphic animal gods of the jungles as well as a reverence for the spirits of all things, particularly spirits of the waters of the river.


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Nzadio Nzere

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In the early 2000s, a brigand band of more than a hundred Abruzzian bravos and adventurers calling themselves "Conquistori Ruggente" spent the better part of a year sweeping through the jungles of Nzadi o Nzere engaging in wasteful hunting, wanton destruction, and even hunting the local peoples for sport, sacking villages, and stealing relics. Though pursued aggressively both by the apoplectic locals and Hispalians terrified of having their relations with the river destroyed, the band evaded or gave actual battle to their pursuers.

The aggression and destruction finally came to an end when the shamans of several kingdoms came together and performed sacred invocations begging for the aid of the river itself. The ritual details are secret, but Hispalian observers insist it included the willing sacrifice of several shaman's lives, striding into the river to be devoured by ferocious creatures. Afterwards, some manner of disaster befell the rampaging Abruzzians. Wreckage drifted downstream of their river boats, along with many partially eaten corpses, but no further terrorism was reported nor any survivors found to be interrogated about it.


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