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Orc Makeup Example 1. Tusks are optional.

Orcs are a tribal, green skinned, Goblinoid race from the Goblin Wastes. They tend to live in large, semi-nomadic tribes, though will occasionally take up permanent residence if they find a suitable enough stronghold. The tribes are fairly fluid, with a strong war chief often conquering and absorbing other Orc and Goblin tribes, and then having the tribe eventually break apart into smaller tribes again under the strains of either internal or external pressures. Disinclined to take up agriculture for food, or mining for resources, Orc tribes survive on large, ferocious hunts of the dangerous game in the Wastes, and raids for food and goods both from other residents of the Wastes and raids into more civilized lands. Like large predators, they must constantly move to find food. Even the rare stronghold survives largely on raiding parties to bring in the resources needed to survive.

Orc society is largely caste based, though the castes are formed by what role an Orc is willing to settle in, or unable to contest. Regardless of caste, all Orcs wear the markings of their tribe, sometimes embellished with victory and accomplishment markings. These markings are not applied by hand, but are either a gift or curse, depending on perspective, of some event lost to history visited on the race ages prior. In many ways the war paint shapes Orc society, marking which tribe an Orc belongs to and what accomplishments of major note they have achieved, for all of the world to see. As an Orc’s circumstances change, so do the markings, and they will be judged accordingly by their peers.


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