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Capital City: Sunda
System of Governance: Varied
Primary Religion: Orobosin, Dragon Orders
Majority Races
Strong Minorities
Real World Influence:

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A tropical archipelago stretching for more than a thousand miles, Sanfoch'i is a territory composed of ten thousand tiny paradises governed by then thousand different systems and structures. The largest and most influential kingdom in the region of Sanfoch'i is that of Varuna. One of the three largest islands in the archipelago, Varuna is the only of these ruled by a single monarchy who king, La Setiawan, is accorded the international respect of speaking, more or less, for the archipelago at large in international relationships. This hegemony is taken seriously by Sunda, whose sovereignty is to some degree contingent on the cooperation of neighboring powers.

Sanfoch'i is found off the far southeast corner of the continent of Eurus. Entirely composed of islands, it is most closely adjacent to Angkar, but has strong international relations with Shalkara, Silla, and Nippon as well. Sanfoch'i is also the gateway to making any attempted journey to Millmeran in the distant southeast. Though islands come in many and varied character, they are by and large volcanic, lush, tropical, and redolent with widely varied plant and animal life. It is predominantly the original region from which coffee plants were first cultivated, and home also to a great many distinctive spices which cannot be cultivated elsewhere in the world.

The islands were colonized primarily by the "impure" half races and those that were politically inconvenient, cast off from the rest of the continent, including half Ogres, Orcs, Goblins, Fae, and Paleteth. Despite this dark beginning, they have formed a very free and open society providing haven to those that seek it. The people there often make light of their past and are self-sufficient, participating in trade, but more than willing to let the other nations see to their own political slights and struggles with each other.


Culture found in land


People believe in a mixture of Oberosin, the Dragon Orders of Shalkara, an assortment of local or animist religions. Additionally, there is a large and substantial population of Trandafir who live their wandering lives entirely on boats in and around the smaller islands and who have a deep worship for the Trandifir lady, Diana, whom they refer to as Wa Dianta.

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The capital of the kingdom of Varuna is the flourishing city of Sunda. It serves as a hub of connection and commerce to the world outside and a secure harbor for travelers and traders in the region. The people of Varuna are ruled in a conventionally feudal manner, but many different societies and structures exist in the vast expanses of the tropical paradises.

Islands of Sanfoch'i

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In recent years, substantial discord has been upsetting to the order of things in Sanfoch'i. The Buto people of Irian island have been expanding their strict Oberosin theocracy to conquer the entire island under the leadership of a Guru named Baba Tirtha. This created discord and severe rearrangement of powers, creating tension, refugees, and significant danger. The expansion had cooled by 2015, with Varuna retaining its seat of power in large part due to foreign trade enabling larger and more modern watercraft.


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