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Fierce wardens against the unspeakable threat to the world posed by the demons of the Demon Wastes, the nation of Songhai has always considered itself bound to the unceasing defense of not only its own lands but those of its neighbors. A monarchy that arose out of the retreat of the Thracian Empire, Songhai has been resolute in this mandate for all of its history. The "king" (called Askiya in a Senghali title for divine mandate) is Askiya Dawaqar Isha, who ascended to the throne after the 1999 death in battle of his uncle Askiya Musa Dawud.

Songhai is located in central north Meridia, between Cartagenna and Damascus. It is comprised of the fertile Naqasici River valley in the north, and a stretch of bitter desert in the south (the Barisong Desert, as they call it) pressing up against the Demon Wastes. The capital of Takedda is situated along the river and built on the ruins of cities far more ancient dating back to the time of the kingdom of Daura from long before the coming of Thracia.

Songhai is particularly known for its militant order, the Medjai. The Medjai draw their name from an order of guardians in the old kingdoms of Nikiria who acted as police and magistrates under royal authority and later as personal guardians of the Pharaoh. The Medjai of Songhai are a military force not unlike the Knights of Queen Anne (formerly Night's Watch of Imajicka), with the singular focus of guarding against not only demonic incursion but any supernatural threat arising from the deserts of the Demon Wastes.

The people of Songhai are mostly human with a strong presence of nomadic Numidian and Dervish Barbarian peoples in the southern areas of the realm. The monarchy is firmly hierarchical but also economically socialist, and lacks much of a defined aristocracy. The Askiya owns all lands and enterprises and is expected to provide for the well-being of his people. Wealth accumulates, to be sure, but ostentation is considered a sign of decadence and an expression of failing to fulfil ones duty to the monarch.

The people of Songhai worship a mixed pantheon of gods arising from an assortment of north Meridian tradition with only modest overlap with Thracian gods. Thracian gods have been adopted into their pantheon indiscriminately, but unlike the Thracian pantheon the Senghali pantheon has no need to find interrelationship and fixed descent amongst its many gods. Martial deities are particularly favored, followed closely by agricultural ones.


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Songhai has a long and great history of trade between Limpopo and the rest of the world. Songhai was one of the richer countries of Tera, earning it's wealth from the taxes and tariffs on the goods passing through the country. As the Demon Wastes encroached towards Damascus Songhai's Gilded Trade Route connected to Limpopo was lost, devastating Songhai's economy. After a several generations with the country's gold reserves depleting, Songhai began looking for new sources of revenue. As more adventurer starting turning up seeking out the legendary trade city of Timbuctoo lost to the Demon Wastes Songhai saw an opportunity to take advantage of it. Songhai began sell permits to treasure seeker stating that if any treasure is found Songhai receives a portion.

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Starting in 2010, the activity of the Maelstrom seems to have been driving increasingly dry and unproductive growing seasons in the region, leading to significant concerns of famine in the future. Songhai is able to leverage strong ties with Damascus to import a substantial amount of foodstuffs, but relations have cooled since 2014 when border skirmishes began occurring between the Medjai and soldiers of the border Nomarch of Bahariya, whom the Medjai believe to be a danger to both kingdoms. Naturally, the hint of weakness implied by both conflict and draught mean that demonic incursions have become more frequent and aggressive in the same span of time, all of which leaves Songhai in a precarious position.


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