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The Taelgranis are an incredibly pale skinned race of Sidhe. Historically, they call the lightless world of the Subtellurium home, a vast network of naturally (or unnaturally) deep caverns and tunnels under the northern continent and island of Alba. As myth goes, during the waning days of the Dragon Wars millennia ago the namesake of his people, Taelgranis fled to the depths of the Subtellurium with his followers after premonitions of the cataclysms that would mark the end of the wars. They live in one major city, and a number of less permanent satellite settlements, in large caverns and hollows. The Subtellurium is by its nature a lightless place, and the Taelgranis communities with their artificial light are a notable beacon to the multitude of hostile denizens that also call the cavern world their home.

Naturally isolated from the other races of Terra by virtue of their remote home, it is common for younger Taelgranis to spend time on the surface world to keep the culture from being completely ignorant of the world around them. Some few Taelgranis extend their time on the surface into an extended profession, observing events and chronicling them for their subterranean kin. Elysian, the home city of the Taelgranis, named for a mythical realm for life after life, is home to huge libraries of such chronicles. Entirely because of their isolation, Taelgranis as a society hoard knowledge, but are also very conflicted about sharing it with outsiders. They know that at one point, society knew enough to break the world, and fear the day that a society will know enough to do so again. At the same time the myths (since not even the Taelgranis have texts from the times of the actual conflicts) suggest the Dragon Wars started in part because of ignorance, so a debate has waged within the society for almost its whole existence around the morality of sharing or withholding knowledge with the other cultures.

Because Taelgranis so readily observe and actively investigate events transpiring on the surface but show reticence at sharing those observations past and present, many Taelgranis on the surface are treated with a degree of distrust, as if they were spies. This holds even for Taelgranis that were born on the surface, as it isn’t uncommon for some of the youth who depart the Subtellurium to spend time on the surface to decide to stay, and eventually start families who never knew the subterranean world their kin live in.

In 2014 Subtellerium life changed dramatically. An old foe, known colloquially as the Forgotten, began destroying entire settlements, and destroying the memory of the Taelgranis that stood before it. Refuges from the destruction have streamed to the surface world, particularly in Warwick and Alba, creating a dispora of Taelgranis that have been forced to abandon many of their traditions (or have had the memoy of those traditions wiped out) and adapt to their new circumstances. These refuges have been forced to navigate the existing prejudices their Race experiences, as well as the adversity all large populations of refuges cope with.


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