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The Trandafir are a nomadic people, trying to keep alive a cohesive set of traditions despite not having a permanent homeland. They live in small traveling bands of usually 10 to 30 individuals and move from one town to another selling small smithed wares, providing entertainment, and bringing news of the outside world. As outsiders in every land they visit they are often used as scapegoats and stereotyped as vagabonds and hoodlums. Trandafir must be careful to not overstay their welcome even in friendly towns. The result is that Trandafir turn inward for acceptance and comfort. Each member of the band is fiercely loyal to their band members and welcoming to outside Trandafir.

Because Trandafir are travelers, they have reached many lands and adapted differently to where they might find themselves, unified in truth only by the rose that marks all their faces. Even so, a number of strong traditions are consistent. Trandafir will have strict moral codes and social mores that apply within the band, and a certain lack of concern for the laws and mores of outsiders which has led to misunderstanding and conflict. Most have strong traditions associated with family and children, and many will accept (or are accused of abducting) orphaned human children into the band. This, again, has caused conflict.

Trandafir usually have a particular dislike for the Endrani race. A great many Trandafir reside inside the borders of the Endrani-ruled nation of Doomstadt in the fringes of the great Griefswald forest, a place that few can penetrate, and the Endrani greatly resent their presence. They have historically treated the Trandafir brutally and blamed them for many plots and machinations. When the two races have encountered one another elsewhere as well, the antipathy tends to be perpetuated. This enmity could result at least in part from the mutual immunity Trandafir and Endrani have to one another’s most potent supernatural abilities, making any clash between the two of them much more challenging for both groups.

Some very few Trandafir have become somewhat settled, founding enclaves on the fringes of a few human cities such as Brunswick and Blackwater in the Duchy of Warwick. These rare colonies tend to be composed of the unified population of several bands having come together for mutual defense under some manner of sustained hard circumstances. After a struggle to avoid being marginalized or mistreated, they decide to maintain a presence to avoid losing that hard-won tolerance even after the originating hardship has passed. Settled Trandafir bands tend to be larger than the usual traveling sort, numbering in the hundreds and populating some self-isolating neighborhood in their chosen city. And even though fairly stationary, such bands nevertheless hold tight to the separation and traditions of their own culture and remain extremely resistant to change or acculturation. Their young people are almost always sent out into the world with traveling bands to help cement those ways, and many spend their lives going back and forth between the city and their kin abroad.


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