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The Dragoons are a highly distrusted race of shapeshifters, with a lineage usually believed to be associated with the ancient Dragons, lost to history. In their natural form the reason for this belief is clear; some appear as small bipedal dragon, but most appear largely humanoid with draconic traits: their skin is scaled and they may exhibit small leather wings, horns, boney ridges or other features. While their appearance is inconsistent in both form and hue, they are instantly recognizable in this shape. Few dragoons remain in their natural form, however, opting instead to use their unique Racial Ability to instead appear as any of the other Player Character Races so as to avoid the mistrust directed at them by members of the other races. Most cultures despise and fear Dragoons for this very reason, as with their ability to conceal and change themselves they are sought after as agents of occult intention. Able to change themselves quickly into a myriad of forms, they are desirable as con artists, manipulators, assassins, and spies. The morphic nature of the Dragoons extends to more than just their appearance. Individual Dragoons tend to be born among non-Dragoon cultures, most often to a dragoon mother (although the blood can sometimes pass through a father's line as well or even skip a generation and appear unexpectedly). Taught early to conceal themselves, they live under the guise of a different race, and do not have much of a unique racial identity themselves except that of anxious secrecy. Though rare colonies exist in the hidden places of the world, forging a quiet identity as a people in their own right, such groups tend to be swiftly persecuted whenever found.


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