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The Endrani are a purple-skinned race of Sidhe whose culture is defined by ruthless ambition. They are a society of warring houses locked in a game of thrones, using any means to advance their house and themselves, just as likely to kill with carefully picked words at an opportune moment as with blades. Their society acts as a highly refined selective process, quickly weeding out the weak and leaving the strong. Other races fear them, both because of their ruthless cunning, and because the Endrani have developed the ability to focus their will at the instinctual core of an opponent and force the target to flee.

Endrani society is one of the few truly matriarchal societies in the world. Lineage is traced through the mother and women hold most of the power; men appear subservient and marginalized, with few property rights outside of their personal belongings, and fewer societal rights. In the nation of Doomstadt, however, where Endrani have ruled for centuries, it is clear that even a male Endrani has vastly more power and worth than any of the other races, who are kept under stern control by the ruling Endrani families. Endrani in general have a particular dislike for Trandafir, a race of people with a prominent presence in Doomstadt who are regarded as lawless interlopers and villainous schemers, attempting to destroy Endrani society. Trandafir and Endrani enmity may be rooted in their mutual immunity to one another's most potent supernatural abilities, causing them to tend towards harsh conflict whenever the two races encounter one another.

Endrani found in other cultures tend to either be recent or ancestral outcasts. In the past entire Endrani houses, large extended families that can number between fifty to a few thousand, have been driven out of their society when they have been bested by rivals in their ruthless games of politics. Some of these outcasts will band together and retain traditions with the intent of returning and reaping their revenge, while others have either spread into the wind or slowly had their house assimilated into whatever culture they now call home, having their traditions slowly surrendered.


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