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The Gael'Braugh are a tribal race of Sidhe who have largely tried to live an isolated life very similar to the one their ancestors adopted during the chaotic times immediately following the Dragon Wars. Physically, their skin hues mimic that of humans unlike their Sidhe cousins the Endrani and the Taelgranis whose skin color rests at the far extremes of dark and light, and their primary physical differentiator from humans is their pointed ears and ridged or crinkled skin on the bridge of their noses. Socially they are extremely conservative and are actively hostile to the notion of change or advancement. Believing that Sidhe were instrumental in the destruction caused by the Dragon Wars, the Gael’Braugh have sought to create a society where they would never again have such capacity to wreck destruction on such a large scale. They have no centralized government, no settlement larger than a town, and live in primitive tribes that try to live as close to nature as possible. Tradition is sacrosanct, possessions are minimal, and the outside world is locked out.

That said, Gael’Braugh are found in reasonably large numbers outside of their society. The more progressive or curious Gael’Braugh tend to be driven out, either through social pressure or outright mandated exile depending on how radical the notions of the individual. Many Gael’Braugh disagree that shunning the world is the best means of averting a repeat of the Dragon Wars, believing that they will be just as guilty if another culture is the cause of a similar cataclysm while they did not intervene, while others simply feel no desire to see the rest of the world pass the Gael’Braugh by. Such attitudes are not tolerated by the largely xenophobic society.


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