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In the Goblin Wastes, the Goblins are not the most numerous of the various Goblinoid Races, or the strongest, or the most resilient. They live in a land in which the only morality is survival and in which every organism and the land itself is a threat to continued life. The Goblins have thrived despite their disadvantages through two means: cleverness and absolute ruthlessness. There is no tactic that is considered abhorrent, and no line that can’t be crossed to ensure survival. Individuals that are not quick of mind or have a soft heart do not tend to survive their own peers to reach adulthood.

Out of self-interest Goblins often form tribes between 30 and 100, recognizing that it is a good tactic to surround one’s self with potential fodder. Because the tribes revolve ultimately around self-interest rather than social empathy, infighting is frequent whenever there are not external threats to focus on, so tribes tend to break apart and reform frequently. The longevity of the tribe, and its leader, are tied to keeping the rest of the members convinced it is in their best interest to follow. It’s just as common for a Goblin to decide that the best tactic is to set out alone.

Goblins have spread to all corners of the world, not because of some inherent wanderlust, but because many cultures have seen fit to take them as slaves at some point in the past. Goblins who have either broken free of slavery, or whose ancestors have, tend to form tribes with other freed Goblins as most other people tend to shun them. These tribes are less cutthroat than those native to the Wastes, as survival is less in doubt, even in the most hostile of other lands.


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