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The Ogres are a red skinned Goblinoid race native to the Goblin Wastes, renowned both for their strength and for their endurance to adversity. Their culture has fetishized both attributes, elevating the ability to withstand various forms of suffering as an ongoing criterion to belong to an Ogre band. They have ritualized pain and abuse, with all members subject to a crucible of such rites to reinforce their membership. These rites serve more than a racial sadism, ensuring that each band of Ogres can rely on all of its members to be up to challenges posed by the Wastes, and in many ways forming fraternal bonds between members of the band. Unlike Goblin and Orc tribes, Ogre Bands are cohesive, and just as they see their own endurance as necessary to earn their place in the band, they see their commitment to act together in the band as necessary for the band to earn its place in the Wastes.

Though Ogre bands tend to be much smaller in number than Orc tribes, they tend to be much more formidable because of their cohesiveness. This is fortunate for the Ogres, since just as they feel their own band must constantly prove its worth to survive, they feel that other groups must as well. Unlike other Goblinoids, Ogres form permanent settlements called Ogre Mounds, with the largest nearly city sized. They are extremely territorial, and will brutally test any group or individual that ventures within the territory of the Mound. They will also continually look to expand their territory, taking it from unworthy parties that have the misfortune of bordering a Mound’s territory. Those unable to withstand the Ogres and unable to flee will, if lucky and useful, find themselves slaves to a Mound. If neither lucky nor useful, they will likely find themselves dinner to the Ogres, as Ogres are one of the few races frequently inclined to eat fellow sapient races, including other Ogres.

Lone Ogres, while the exception, are not uncommon. Some are outcasts, either from fallen Mounds that were unable to defend against some threat, or individuals unable to face and best their own personal crucible. It is also common for Ogre Magi, those charged with providing wisdom and knowledge to a Mound, to travel prior to assuming an official role in the Mound, in order to gain the benefit of outside experience and knowledge.


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