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Orichalcum is an exotic material in the form of a red gold metal. It has exceptional durability, and can be used to create reinforced armor that provides additional protection over less exotic materials, as well as keener weapons that are superior in combat to those of more mundane build. Orichalcum simultaneously is ideal for building autonomous constructs and automatons, and for combating them, as it seems to have a unique ability to conduct the powers that automate such fantastical beings. Unlike Mithril and Adamantine, Orichalcum is not mined, but rather an amalgam of Gold, Silver, Copper, and Tin that is transmuted into a substances greater than the constituent materials.

Until Recently, Orichalcum was largely considered to be a mythical material, or at the very least a material in which most knowledge had been lost. There were writings concerning it from the ancient Krecian City States, and small samples of it purported to exist, but it was only the concerted effort of several members of the Town of Fortnight that reintroduced Orichalcum to the world.

In Game Treaties on Orichalcum