Game Policies

Children at Game

The minimum age requirement for Legacies is sixteen years of age. People under the age of sixteen may not attend Event even with supervision. This is to minimize liability due to the physical nature of combat at Legacies and due to the occasionally mature subject matter that can be discussed at game. Players between the ages of sixteen and eighteen must receive explicit permission to attend Event from the Executive Officers prior to attending Event, as well as have their parents sign a waiver prior to each game to ensure that their parents are aware and are accepting of the player's participation at game. Parents of players are encouraged to contact the Executive Officers if they have any questions or concerns about the nature of Legacies.

Arrival Time

The earliest arrival time permitted for an event is listed on the events site page for each event site that Legacies is held at. Additionally, the events page may contain a note about the event time for that specific event, should it deviate from the normal standard for the event site. If no time is listed the player should assume the arrival time is 3 PM. No players are allowed on site, including the parking lot, prior to that time.

If that time has been reached, players are not to leave the parking lot until one of the Executive Officers, the Operations Manager, or the Head (or Deputy Head) of the Plot Team is on site. Players that do not abide by the arrival time or do not wait for one of these individuals to be onsite will have their blanket pulled for that event.

Start of Game

Game play commences at 8:00 PM Friday night of event. After 8:00 PM players should either be playing their character or signify that they are not in character and are out of game by wearing an orange headband or using the out of game hand gesture. Players that arrive after 8:00 PM are asked to minimize interference with players actively in game as they transport their possessions to their sleeping area, set up any decorations, get into their character's garb, and check in with Logistics at the sign in table for event.

End of Game

The end time for game varies based off of the location of the event and any restrictions put in place by the management of the event location. The end time will be posted at the sign-in table Friday nights during check-in, and may also be announced on the Legacies Website in advance of event. Once the end of game has been reached players have three hours to clean up their sleeping area and any shared spaces attached to the sleeping area, perform their clean up job, check out with Logistics, and attend closing ceremonies. If three hours is not sufficient for certain players, they must cease playing earlier in order to complete all of the given tasks in time.


Each player is responsible for cleaning up their sleeping area and associated shared spaces, such as bathrooms. They will also be assigned a cleanup job when they check in with Logistics on Friday night. This cleanup job is typically a task to clean up after the playership as a whole. If Logistics forgets to give a player a cleanup job, it is that player's job to find the Head of Logistics and get one assigned to them. Players must clean up their own area and perform their cleanup job prior to checking out with Logistics at the end of event. Players leaving early should clean their area prior to departure and request a cleanup job from Logistics that they can perform prior to event ending.

Failure to sufficiently clean up the sleeping area, attached shared area, or perform the cleanup job will result in a suspension of blanket for the event . Repeated failure to cleanup appropriately may result in more severe disciplinary action. It is the responsibility of each player to clean up after themselves and perform their assigned cleanup task.

Closing Ceremonies

At the end of event, after the site has been fully cleaned and all players have checked out with Logistics, the playership will gather to go over any issues that came up during event. The Executive Officers and Staff Members will also use this time to make any announcements they feel are necessary, and the location of Afters will also be announced.


Following the end of an event, many players attend an informal meal at a specified restaurant in the local area. This is not officially part of a Legacies event; rather it is simply an activity many of the players choose to participate in to unwind from the weekend's activities and have one last opportunity to socialize with their fellow players prior to the next event. Afters also traditionally include Player Awards, recognitions for certain activities at an event.

Smoking at Event

Smoking is only allowed in designated areas at Legacies. The locations of these areas are available at check-in. All cigarette butts must be disposed of in the proper receptacle; any player seen simply tossing butts on the ground will no longer be allowed to smoke at Legacies and will have their blanket suspended for that event, as will players smoking outside the designated area. Smoking in buildings will result in automatic suspension from Legacies; The Washington State law banning smoking within 25 feet of a building entrance must also be respected.

Players that give cigarettes to players under the age of eighteen will be immediately banned from game. Additionally, players pressuring other players to begin smoking will not be tolerated.

Alcohol and Other Intoxicants

Being in possession of intoxicants, or arriving at site intoxicated, will result in an immediate suspension from Legacies. Players that provide intoxicants to players under the age of 21 will be immediately banned from game.

Public Displays of Affection or Intimacy

We ask that all players respect the comfort of others around them when it comes to public displays of affection at game. As such we ask that our players “Keep it PG” while on site. Intercourse of any kind is prohibited at Legacies, and will result in a suspension.

Rules of Conduct

The Rules of Conduct are rules to guide the player’s behaviour rather than that of their characters. These rules are not unreasonable and all players should familiarize themselves with them prior to attending event. Players should not create an unsafe or disrespectful environment for other players, and should maintain a certain level of maturity. Legacies is an at-will organization; players participate of their own free will and are allowed to play at the will of the Executive Officers of Legacies. As an organization, Legacies does not discriminate based on age (except the minimum age requirement), gender, race, ethnicity, sexual or religious preferences, mental disabilities or physical handicaps. The same is expected of it’s players.

The following actions and behaviors are NOT tolerated from players. Players shall not:

Additionally, the follow actions are strictly prohibited:

These restrictions apply in order to maintain a safe and respectful environment for everyone to play in. This is not an exhaustive list of all inappropriate action or behavior, and players are expected to be capable of maturity and judgement while attending.

Gentleman’s Rule

If two players have an out of game conflict and cannot reconcile their differences, then either of the players may issue a Gentleman’s Rule. Once a Gentleman’s Rule exists between two players, they may not interact either In or Out of game while at event until such time as both players agree to lift the Gentleman’s Rule. Additionally, interaction on the Legacies Discord should be limited to out of game contexts and they should not directly address the other player, nor should their content be in any way impolite with regard to the other player. If a player wishes to issue a Gentleman’s Rule with another player they must contact the Player Advocate or an Executive Officer. The other player does not need to consent to the Gentleman’s Rule for it to be issued. If either player violates the Gentleman’s Rule, they will be subject to disciplinary action. The Executive Officers may not be subject to a Gentleman’s Rule, nor may they issue one against another player.

Racial Makeup

Good racial makeup substantially improves the game atmosphere and players are encouraged to be as elaborate as possible when representing the appearance of their character’s race, but they must at the very least meet the requirements set forth in the rulebook. New players are given a three event grace period after making their character to meet these costuming requirements while existing players with new characters have a one event grace period. Following the grace period, players will no longer be allowed to use the racial abilities of their character and will not receive blanket until such time that they meet the costuming requirements for their character’s race.


Anachronistic items are objects that do not fit into the high fantasy/pseudo-medieval atmosphere of Legacies. Some anachronisms such as glasses, modern shoes, or watches are acceptable, however players are urged to keep the number of anachronistic items to a minimum. A great deal of the success of Legacies rests on the atmosphere so any out of game items should be stashed out of site. Players are encouraged to add to the atmosphere of the game wherever possible. Modern packaging, such as chip or cookie bags, must be kept out of view from public in game areas.

Physical Representations (Phys Reps)

New players have three events to obtain basic garments for their characters. These garments do not need to be fancy but an attempt must be made to have them look periodesque, that is consistent with the high fantasy/pseudo-medieval setting of the game. Prior to the fourth event, new players may wear modern clothing but are encouraged to seek out established players or Plot and ask to borrow more appropriate garb. After a new player’s third event they will not longer receive blanket until they have obtained at least basic periodesque garb.

Existing players who have made new characters have one event to obtain Phys Reps for any item tags for that character, such as armor and weapons. During that event, they may reap the benefit of any item tags without actually having a Phys Rep for the item. For example, they may receive armor points for any armor item tags without actually having the armor Phys Reps. Weapon Phys Reps are the exception to this as an actual Phys Rep is necessary to participate in combat with a weapon. After the one event grace period a player may not utilize an item tag without a Phys Rep for it, and doing so is considered cheating.

Light Sources

All personal light sources should be periodesque and have no dangerous open flames. Modern lights converted to look periodesque are acceptable, such as mounting a battery powered light within a lantern or using a Halloween prop torch. If a modern light is converted it should not have a focused beam of light as flashlights do, and the light should be muted to produce a light intensity comparable to that of an oil lantern. Flashlights should only be used in out of game emergencies. Failure to do so may result in a suspension of blanket.

Periodesque Drinking Containers

Players may only use periodesque drinking vessels in all public in game areas. Aluminium cans, plastic bottles, and other modern drink containers may not be used. Pewter or wood drinking vessels are ideal, however glass steins can be had at major retailers for as little as $1 a piece. Ceramic mugs may be used for hot beverages, however the mugs should be plain without any modern designs or decals. The Immersion team often provides a set of periodesque drinking vessels, bowls, and plates for use by the players. Failure to do so may result in a suspension of blanket.