Safety and Accessibility Policies

There are several safety policies in place to ensure a safe and hazard free game environment. LARP can be a very active recreation and the Executive Officers and the Safety Team have taken steps to establish a set of policies to reduce any risk associated with the game.


All players are required to be fully vaccinated to attend any Legacies events. This means at least two full weeks must have passed since the full vaccination was administered (single shot for Johnson & Johnson, or the 2nd shot for Pfizer/Moderna). There are NO exceptions to this policy at this time. Upon first arriving to event, the players vehicle will be stopped and all players must present proof of vaccination along with a photo ID. Players without either of these two documents will be denied entry onto the site and will be unable to attend the event. At this time masks are not required during the event, but are still encouraged especially if a player has any concerns about public gatherings. These policies may be updated as the pandemic situation continues to develop in accordance to CDC and State guidelines. Should a player receive a positive SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19 test result shortly after attending an event, they must notify an Executive Officer or the Head of Safety. If you come into close contact with someone with COVID-19 you should get tested 3-5 days after the date of your exposure. As long as you don’t come into contact with them again prior to event and test negative you will be permitted to attend event. If you test positive, or experience any symptoms prior to the event, you should not come to event.

Health Issues

Players are not required to report any existing health issues or the use of over the counter or prescription medication to a Safety Referee; The Executive Officers understand that a player’s health can be a very personal matter and respect the player’s privacy. However, players are highly encouraged to report any potentially serious issues to Safety so that the Safety referee may respond more quickly should an emergency involving the health issue arise.

Drugs and Alcohol

Illegal drugs, marijuana, and alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited at Legacies. Possession of illegal drugs, marijuana, or alcohol, or being intoxicated while at an event, will result in the player being immediately banned from the game. Additionally, players found to possess illegal drugs will be detained and the authorities will be notified.

Non-Combatant (Non-com) Status

Per the Non-Combatent Rules in the Rulebook, players with injuries or other health concerns may opt to avoid traditional combat at Legacies and play by the Non-com rules. Prior to being allowed Non-Combatant status, the player must provide at least some high level justification to the Executive Officers explaining why they are at elevated risk from traditional combat rules and must be granted permission to play as a Non-Combatant.


Fires may only be built in designated fire pits, fire places, or open air barbeques. These areas are clearly marked or obviously designed for this purpose at each site attended by Legacies. Once a fire has been constructed it must be attended to at all times until it has died out. Fires may not be constructed if there is an active burn ban in the county the event is taking place in.

The area within a ten foot radius of any open flame, whether it is a camp fire or a candle, is designated as a non-com zone and players must use the non-com rules outlined within the rulebook while within this area.

Out of Game Violence

Absolutely no real world violence is tolerated at Legacies. The use of foam and latex props are the only accepted means of representing physical conflict at Legacies. Using any other objects, including one's own body, during physical alterations is strictly prohibited. Any player expressing real life physical, and in some cases verbal, violence will be immediately removed from the site, and may be banned from Legacies, depending on the severity of the infraction.

Weapon Safety

All weapon props belonging to a player must be brought to the event sign in table to be inspected by Logistics or Safety referees every event. Missile weapons and weapons of exotic design may only be inspected by the Head of Safety. If a weapon is found to be unsafe it must be locked in the player’s car. If a car is not available, or the weather is hot or cold enough to damage weapons sitting in cars further, it must be wrapped in orange surveyor's tape (available at the check in table) and stored under a bunk. Any weapon prop that becomes damaged during an event must immediately be retired from use and put under a bunk to prevent future use.

Weapon Permissions

Combat at Legacies is represented through full contact foam and latex weapons. With the full contact nature of combat comes a responsibility to take care during combat. Any player may request another player swing lighter (or request that a referee ask a player to swing lighter) and those wishes must be respected. Players who fail to respect those wishes, or continually fight in a manner deemed unsafe by either a Safety Referee or an Executive Officer, may have their weapon permissions temporarily or permanently revoked, effectively baring the player from weapon combat at Legacies.