Event Locations

Legacies LARP uses the following locations for their events. Details for each site is contained in the cards below for easy review.

We also regularly have carpools attending game from Seattle, Bellingham, Portland, Spokane, and even Vancouver, Canada. If you're coming to game from anywhere on these routes, feel free to chime in in the carpooling channel on the Legacies LARP Discord if you need or are offering a ride!

A long drive for most attendees, but a unique and charming locale, Brooks Memorial is located in the mountains of south central Washington near Goldendale. The site is a high elevation for some, at around 3,000 feet, which means it is important to pay attention to your hydration and fatigue as these can deteriorate more quickly for those not accustomed to a bit of altitude. Also, snow persists at Brooks much longer than on the coast, and it's important to check the weather and plan accordingly.

The main building consists of a large and comfortable kitchen featuring a walk-in refrigerator, a dry storage room with plenty of shelf space, and lots of wide open cooking room. Dishes, however, must be done in a small very ordinary dishwasher and can be time consuming. There is an adequate if not exactly spacious dining area with a narrow porch off one side which occupies the bulk of the building. In the back is a small room with two bunks which is always claimed almost immediately, as well as a small bathroom. While it does contain a shower, this bathroom is NEVER to be used for that purpose, as there are ample facilities available for both genders nearby.

A short path off the west side of Tavern structure leads past the women's bathroom/shower house, which is a large and comfortable facility, to a cluster of four cabins. These do not have power outlets, but contain 10-12 bunks and extremely effective (though somewhat loud) heaters. This tends to be the residence of choice for most players.

A less direct path off the east side of the tavern building leads to the cul-de sac at the end of the access road for the site, where the men's bathroom/showerhouse is located. Along the same access road there are three widely spaced a-frame cabins with high porches, each containing 10 bunks and, again, no power outlets and noisy but enthusiastic heaters.

Plot may be located in one or more of the A-frames, or in the farthest-flung of the cluster of four cabins, depending on preference.

This site is enormous, and has huge clearings, wide open spaces beneath tall pines, and long, often steep, trails up into the varied woods. Pine needles, mud, or snow/ice all create a danger of slipping and falling, and there are many humps and bumps in paths that players should pay careful attention to when wandering about.

Upon arrival you can stop and unload almost anywhere you please, but should eventually park along the wide access road "above" most of the site, leaving the "parking lot" vacant as it is right in the middle of everything. In winter it is not advisable to bring a vehicle all the way down to the tavern building unless you are entirely confident in your tires and your ability to drive up a steep sheet of ice to get back out again. It is possible, but challenging without appropriate footwear for your car. Logistics is located in the back of the kitchen. Smoking is permitted ONLY at the small basketball court somewhat off the main trail to and from the cabins, or in the extreme corner of the parking lot nearest to said basketball court.

Setting Description:

Brooks Memorial typically represents the town of Crossroads, located just outside of Fortnight, where the main road to the north meets the roads to the smaller towns of Lidna and Byrnewood. Annual markets and fairs are conducted in the summer at these crossroads, sometimes drawing merchants and trade from as far away as Blackwater.

Site Notes:

The Brooks Memorial ELC is on the opposite side of the road from the main state park - the left if you are heading Southwest from Yakima, or the right if you are heading Northeast from Goldendale


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The only non state park in our regular rotation of sites, Middleground is a dedicated LARP event site, built by LARPers, for LARPs. It features an extensive set of forest trails across 40 Achres of land, a variety of cabins, and a tavern with a small kitchen.

A lovely creek runs through the entirety of the site. When attending event, feel free to look at the water, but don't touch! In order to protect a vulnerable fish population, the site rules state that we shouldn't walk around, over, or through the creek.

Middlegrounds gets better and better as the organizers get feedback from each LARP organization that attends - check out their Facebook and their website for updates, news, donation requests, and ways to help out with the site.

Setting Description:

At the moment, Middlegrounds represents the Harms Way Inn, a tavern and inn located deep in the forests east of Fortnight, on the road to Baneford. However, the site may change to represent a variety of In Game locations as determined by the needs of the current plot team and in game circumstances.


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This sprawling cabin site is located on relatively low-lying terrain near the edge of a small but inaccessible lake. It features a large central kitchen/dining structure, used in game for "The Tavern" which has extensive modern facilities, walk-in refrigerator storage, and two single-occupancy bathrooms. It is located on slight rise in a spacious clearing.

Clustered around the main building are three cabins, one of which is handicap accessible, sleeps seven, and features an en suite bathroom. The other two are special "duplex" cabins which sleep 4 to a side. Also near the tavern are two open wooden shelters holding picnic tables.

Through a short woodsy path and across wooden footbridges from the Tavern building, in an adjacent clearing, is the primary Player housing area. Seven individual cabins, each featuring 8 bunks, are clustered in two small groups proximal to the large women's bathroom/shower house. The cabins vary in modernity and some are more drafty or difficult to heat than others, but all are spacious and contain, in addition to bunks, at least 2 benches, an end table, and power outlet.

Plot is located down a small service road in a tangential direction from the central building, a cluster of 4 cabins, proximal to the men's bathroom/shower house. Farther down this same service road is a last grouping of 4 cabins which may or may not be available for player housing, at plot's discretion. These particularly remote cabins connect to the rest of the housing by further paths/footbridges, which also consequently provide access to the men's room to the general population.

Millersylvania additionally features a large barn for plot use, a bonfire pit/amphitheater, a small variety of woods trails, and several large and dramatic clearings. There are certain places on the site that can become swampy, but these areas tend to be either out of the way or covered with boardwalk bridges for safety and convenience. Fall hazard is very low, even in total darkness.

Logistics can be found in a small office space beside the kitchen, part of the main tavern building. Upon arrival it is acceptable to park along the main road to unload, but not to drive into the site or down the access to plot. As soon as you are unloaded please make your way to the parking area to leave room for others. Do not leave cars parked in the marked spaces near the tavern, as this is an in-game area. Instead, use the gravel/grass parking lot adjacent. Smoking is permitted ONLY in the covered picnic area furthest from the parking lot.

Setting Description:

Millersylvania represents the town of Fortnight, home base for Legacies characters. Most characters think of this as their permanent or semi-permanent residence, and it is the site most often used. Located in the rugged Barony of Drakenvelt, westernmost district of the also rugged and dangerous frontier Duchy of Warwick, the town is a hotbed of trouble and magnet for unusual people. Warwick is a vast expanse of land that forms a kind of buffer between the neighboring nation of Doomstadt and the massive and terrifying Goblin Wastes; a no-mans-land of twisted magic and terrifying monsters. While technically part of the Wastes, Warwick is slightly less unlivable than the true wasteland to the north, and is the portion of those dread lands that one could consider loosely "Civilized". This Duchy formerly belonged to the island nation of Alba, acquired only a few years ago in a treaty with Doomstadt, and became an independent country in August 2021.


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Sun Lakes is a beautiful, rugged, desert area. The site is extremely large, featuring a variety of wide plains, rocky hills, and a distant bluff within site boundaries. However, with these natural wonders come several hazards. Be careful when exploring the area, and watch out for cliffs or ravines.

During the day time, Sun Lakes gets extremely hot - bring extra water, make sure to apply sunscreen or otherwise cover your skin in loose and breathable cloth, and don't wear anything extremely warm. At night, however, temperatures plunge - bring warm blankets, and extra layers for the evening.

Related to this, Sun Lakes has a higher than usual fire risk. If burning incense, watching a campfire in a designated fire ring, or smoking, be very aware of any embers you create, and be sure to stick to areas without sagebrush or other flammable materials.

Additionally, the site is occasionally home to rattlesnakes - if you see one of these scaly creatures, back away slowly, loudly inform other players in the area that there's a real, OOG Snake present, then inform the nearest Safety ref. The site is also in tick country, so check any exposed skin for ticks after walking through thick plant growth.

Setting Description:

Sun lakes represents a variety of in game locations, depending on the needs of the current plot team and in game circumstances. Sometimes, it's within "civilized" lands, such as Crossroads or Atherstone in Warwick, but on other occasions it's more hazardous locations like Rose Hill and Fine's Stand, further north in the Wastes,


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