Phys. Rep Aids

Welcome! The following links are a curated list of resources and vendors that the Legacies Logistics team has put together for the playership. We are not affiliated with any of the listed organizations or individuals, unless otherwise noted. This list is also certainly not an exclusive list of all vendors and resources available - if you come across a source you think should be added, feel free to contact the Web team, and we'll consider it!

Crafting Resources, Recommendations, and Suggestions

The Logistics team is actively looking for more resources to include in this section - if you have a favorite crafting tutorial, whether it's for garb, weapons, armor, or other crafts, please feel free to send us a link, as well as a brief description of why you like it! If we agree, it might end up on the website. Additionally, if you're skilled in a craft project and want to create a tutorial for us, please do! We'd be happy to include it on the website.

All tutorials and links provided in this suggestion are suggestions - all players are encouraged to come up with their own ways to craft their Legacies gear!



Assorted Other:


Purchasing Phys Reps

The following websites are known to the Legacies organization as frequent and quality vendors for LARP related goods. Legacies doesn't have any official partnership with any of them unless otherwise noted, nor do we get commissions or any compensation for recommending them. Recommendations are solely provided to provide resources to our members who might be looking for a place to purchase garb, weapons, armor, or other LARP gear.

Weapons, Armor, and More

Armor, Garb, and Accessories


An online hub for a variety of small shops and individuals craftspersons, Etsy carries everything from custom elf ears to intricate full suits of armor. A great many LARP-focused stores exist on Etsy, more than can be listed here. Some of our favorite shops are listed before

If you own a business that produces larp products, feel free to reach out to the Legacies Logistics Team to get your business listed on this page