Logistics Policies


Logistics is the committee in charge of maintaining all documentation and databases related to character and player demographics. This includes, but is not limited to, character information, ref warnings, item production, and the distribution of game tags and character cards. When players first arrive at game, they check in with Logistics to pay event fees, collect their character cards, and pick up any in game production requests they may have submitted. At the end of event, players sign out at Logistics to ensure that any changes to their characters are properly logged.

The Head of Logistics is selected by the Executive Officers, serving for as long as they are willing. They appoint assistants for event check-in, and institute any reasonable policies pertaining to the function of Logistics as outlined above, with Executive Officer approval. They also collect event fees, maintain In Game printed materials (item tags, character cards, etc), and ensure that Logistics is appropriately supplied.

Hours of Operation

Logistics is open from afternoon of Friday (when the Head of Logistics can get on site and get set up) until Midnight. Anyone arriving after that time will need to wait until noon (or whenever the Head of Logistics is up and around, whichever comes first) to get signed in. If a player knows that they will arrive after midnight, they should contact the Head of Logistics in advance to see if the Head can pull the player's card to allow them to get into game Friday night.

Logistics is open for character updates between events and closes at midnight of the Friday 1 week prior to event. Any Logistics requests received after midnight of the Friday prior to event will not be processed. New players have a little bit of leeway with this deadline, but all players are encouraged to submit their logistics requests early to ensure they can be processed before event.

General Update Protocols

Character updates should be submitted by email to logistics@legacieslarp.org. Updates cannot be done at check-in and must be submitted no later than the Friday before the next event to be completed. Keeping track of your characters available Skill Points (from blanket) and favor is the responsibility of each player individually. Logistics may send out an email after event summarizing these values, but a good way to keep track of this information is to jot down a note on your character card after you have checked out of Logistics at the end of the event. If you need to know your current information, you can contact Logistics and request a screenshot of your character card(s).

In any communication with Logistics be sure to include your full name. Make sure you specify which character you are updating and detail how you want to spend your available Skill Points and/or favor. Be as specific as possible. A calculator to determine conversions from Favor to Skill Points can be found on the website under the Logistics tab, or on the Legacies Discord in the Character Utilities channel.

Remember, new skills can only be purchased after a character has learned them in game. Additional points in skills that a character has already learned can be bought freely. Only one Anima can be bought back per event. An update cannot be submitted for a character that ends an event in spirit. For further information on this, see the rulebook section "Chapter 4: Life and Death."

Anyone without internet access, or who for some other reason cannot email Logistics, should contact the Head of Logistics to make other arrangements for character update and production.


All production requests must be submitted to Logistics between events, just like character updates. No production requests will be processed at check-in without prior approval from the Head of Logistics. Using the production spreadsheet located in the Logistics menu of the website or in the character utilities Discord channel is highly recommended. Production requests will only be processed for characters that are played for at least 8 hours at event. If a character with production is not played at event, or played for less than 8 hours, the production items and tags MUST be returned to Logistics before leaving site.

Multiple characters can pool production to work together on items. The out of game accounting for this requires that each of the players involved submit notification to Logistics indicating the number of production points donated, the type of production, and to whom the production will be donated. If the "focus" character is not played at that event the production will be lost. Only the "focus" character must be of sufficient skill to actually produce the item in question (i.e. a Philosopher may benefit from batched production using donated alchemy production points).

New Characters

New players are highly encouraged to submit their character and starting coin expenditure to Logistics before the deadline closes on midnight the Friday one week before the first event they will attend. There are often issues that need to be sorted out with new characters such that a late submission can result in significant delays. New players also have the option of creating their first character at the check-in table during Friday night, but the player should be aware that doing so will result in significant delays in getting processed through Logistics and getting into game.

New characters being created by established players (i.e. not your first event) must be submitted to Logistics before the deadline closes on midnight the Friday one week before the event the new character will be played. A complete list of how the new character's starting production is to be spent must also be submitted in advance.

It is highly recommended to use the Character Creation Spreadsheet located on the Logistics menu on the website or in the Character utilities channel on the Legacies Discord.

Friday Night Check-in

Pay event fees or verify online payment at the logistics check-in station. Additionally, the check in form must be signed at this time, as it is attached to our liability waver and records attendance data for site owners.

End of Event Check-out

After game ends, at a time noted on the website or provided at check-in, players should clean up their sleeping area and pack up their gear. During this time, the Head of logistics will open check-out for those who have finished cleaning up. Players should provide Logistics all of their character cards and any notes indicating new skills taught to their characters, which Logistics will record for entry into the character database. The character cards will then be returned to the player to keep. Players who do not complete check-out, or who do not perform their assigned clean-up duty, will not receive blanket (skill points normally earned for attending event and playing a character). If a player must leave event early, they should notify the Head of Logistics to make early check-out arrangements. If you know this when checking in, let the head of logistics know so that you can be assigned a clean up assignment that is performed prior to you leaving.

Character Rewrites

Players may alter their existing character through the use of Character Rewrites. There are two general forms of rewrite: Full Rewrites and New Character Rewrites.

Along with these forms of alteration, you may also drop skills from your card between games at will and reallocate skill points into skills the character has learned or already invested in.

Character Advancement

At the end of each event the player will choose which character played will receive an allotment of skill points commonly referred to as "Blanket". If more than one character was played, only one will receive skill points unless both characters played are above 150 skill points.

The amount of skill points allotted varies depending on how many skill points a character currently has with Characters with relatively few skill points will receive a larger allotment of skill points than characters with many skill points. Some events may garner multiple Blanket where players receive double, triple, or even quadruple the allotment of skill points. Multiple Blanket is awarded by the Owners on occasions where they feel the playership has earned a reward, for example if the players were faced with exceptionally adverse weather conditions, did a phenomenal job cleaning up the event site, or otherwise distinguished themselves as a whole. Players may also have their Blanket revoked. If a player fails to do their cleanup task that is assigned to them when they check in, are caught cheating, act in an uncivil manner out of game (for example, yelling at a referee), leave their cabin a mess at the end of event, or do some other act that deserves punitive measures they will not receive Blanket. Additionally, if the playership as a whole fails to do an adequate job cleaning up the site the playership as a whole may not receive Blanket. Determining Blanket is the responsibility of the Executive Officers; Applying Blanket is the responsibility of the Head of Logistics.


Favor is Legacies' way of thanking players that assist the organization. In exchange for time and goods donated to Legacies, players are granted a number of Favor points that they can then exchange for a number of perks in the game. The amount of Favor earned is generally standardized as listed below, but is always subject to approval and modification by the Executive Officers.

Favor may be converted into perks either between games through email, or at the logistics table during check-in and check-out. Favor can be utilized in the following ways: