Getting Started

So, I just heard about Legacies and want to play, but I have no idea what to do first. Where do I start?  

We’re glad you asked! This page is designed to walk you through what to expect! Making a first character can be daunting to a player completely new to a LARP. We know, it’s overwhelming. This guide is here to help you through it, as well as the logistical aspects of joining Legacies. You can view some sample characters here showing some options for how Racial Points and Skill Points can be allocated, and how the personality and history of the character can be fleshed out.You can also check out the appendix in the back of the Legacies Rulebook for a much more detailed guide to Character Creation. Or, if long books aren’t your thing, we’ve summarized the process below. 

Get to site and don’t remember a word of this? Don’t worry, just, ask the nearest person and they’ll happily point you in the right direction, explain what to do, or help you out.

Before Your First Event

  1. Hop onto the Discord and introduce yourself to the playership! Feel free to ask questions & get answers to them. The chances are good there is at least someone awake who will know which ref to point you at if they don’t have a solid answer for you.
  2. Come up with a character concept! Take a moment to think about what sort of character you’d like to play, and look through the rulebook. Make note of any abilities you think would be fun as you progress through it, and be sure to read the character creation section in the back. You can also take a look at these Sample Characters for inspiration.
  3. Fill out the character creation sheet . Don’t worry about getting it perfect - as a new player, you’ll have access to a “Newbie Rewrite”, as described in the FAQ, in which you can change up your skills and character after your first event if you don’t like it. Just create a character that sounds fun to you. 
  4. Choose equipment! Fill out the ‘starting purchases’ tab of the character sheet. If you’re looking for guidelines or preselected choices, check out the equipment starter packs here. Our Logistics team has created a selection of 8 packs, pre-chosen based on the type of character you want to play. If you want to play a smith with lots of merchandise to sell, there’s a pack for that. If you’d like to play a healer with a starting pack of gear, there’s a pack for that. If you’d like to customize your starting equipment and disregard the packs, you can also do that! It is not required you take one of these packs, they are just here as potential options if you don’t feel like doing a la carte shopping for your first character’s gear. Each pack in the starter packs link contains a set amount of coin that you can start with for spending money. Detailed instructions for purchasing equipment without a starter pack can be found in the Legacies Rulebook
  5. Check out the “Optional - Spend Favor” section of the Legacies Rulebook, and decide whether you wish to spend your starting 250 Favor on more money, more skill points, or a Contact.
  6. If you chose to build a character with Production skills, such as “smith” or “alchemist”, fill out the monthly production sheet. The Production sheet is used to create items before your first event, such as smithed goods, alchemy, spell scrolls, ritual scrolls, or resurrection stones. You’ll fill out a similar sheet before every event going forward.
  7. Email logistics. Before your event, you should send to Logistics: 
    • Your completed character sheet, with starting equipment
    • Your monthly production, if any
    • Confirmation that you will be playing this character your first event. This is known as ‘locking in’ character choices, which is explained further in the FAQ

    You do not need to send these all at once - feel free to send along your character sheet and production separately, for this first event. Additionally, feel free to send them questions, ask for guidance, or anything else - they’ll be happy to direct you to what you want to know.

  8. Purchase your event ticket.  The event fee for New Players is $25, which you can pay by  by cash or card on site, or in advance via our online Store.
  9. Pre-order any items you need from the Basic Needs Store via Discord. The Basic Needs Store sells a variety of small items that are generally useful for beginner LARPers. Items may be picked up at the Logistics table upon checking in at game. You can also purchase upon arrival, though supply is not guaranteed unless you pre-order. This includes things like locks, tag books, prosthetic ears for paleteth or gael’braugh, vial phys-reps, polish kits, and chalk.
  10. Create a costume! For inspiration, check out your favorite fantasy movie, or historical clothing from real world cultures. Costumes, known as “garb” at Legacies, can often be cheaply assembled through thrift stores such as Goodwill or Value Village. For more costly but quality garb, check out some of the vendors on the Phys-Rep Guide page. See also “Looking for Character Inspiration” on page 12 of the rulebook
    • For your first three months, you do not need to bring replica weapons or armor. During your “newbie” three month period, you may borrow weapons or garb from Plot camp. You may also make use of armor tags on your character despite not wearing armor phys-reps. After three months pass, you are expected to bring your own garb and weapons, and to only use armor tags that you have phys-reps for.
  11. Pack for game! Make sure to bring: 
    • Garb, 
    • NPC Blacks (if you want to npc). These are clothes to wear underneath plot garb while volunteering as an NPC. Typically, this is a black shirt and black pants, including sweats. 
    • Extra warm layers and blankets for cold months
    • Bedding - sleeping bag or blankets, pillow. Does not need to be period, just make sure it’s warm enough. 
    • Several more pairs of socks than you think you need (especially in wet months) 
    • Good, comfortable shoes that you can run, walk, and move in. These shoes do not need to be period. Wearing sturdy, comfortable shoes that keep your feet dry is a matter of safety, and at Legacies, safety always trumps immersion. So wear good, comfortable shoes, not necessarily period ones.
    • Boffers (physical representations of weapons, shields, claws)
    • White and orange headbands, (For spirit & Out of Game, respectively)
    • Coin and tags, (second event and beyond)
    • Racial Makeup, 
    • Toiletries,
    •  Any required Medications, 
    • Food for each day - aim for something easy to prepare, plus plenty of filling snacks. Many sites have a small kitchen, stocked with pots, pans, and cooking implements
    • Signed Parental Waiver (if under 18)

    During the Event

    1. Drive up to site, and keep an eye out for a Legacies representative near the front entrance doing COVID safety checks. When asked, make sure you’re wearing your mask, then roll down your window and provide proof of your COVID vaccination, and be ready to answer a few symptom attestation questions.
    2. Unpack your stuff! Take your gear out of your car and set it on a bunk in one of the cabins. If nobody’s things are on top of the bunk yet, it’s free, and you can take it. This is where you’ll be sleeping throughout the event, unless you decide to move later on. Set up your bedding now as well, it’s much easier to do so when it’s still light out.
    3. Get any boffer weapons and shields you brought checked with a Safety ref. You’ll need to ask around to find one, but any veteran player should be able to point you in the right direction. You may also be able to do this while in the Logistics line (see next step).
    4. Check in with Logistics once they are open and ready. Logistics is frequently located at a table in the kitchen of the main “tavern” building, often with a line of players waiting to check in.  As part of the check in, do the following:
      • Sign & print your name on the check-in form. 
      • If you chose not to prepay for event via the Square Store, pay logistics with cash or a card. Event fees for new players are $25, and contribute to site rentals as well as organization fees and costs. Second event and beyond is $50 per player.
      • Get a cleanup assignment from Logistics, and ask them how to do it. You’ll typically be assigned a task that goes toward some portion of site maintenance, such as dishes or trash on a particular day.
      • If under 18, provide your signed Parental Waiver.
    5. Get into your garb. If it’s already past 8:00, please be discreet in where you stand until you can medieval-ify yourself. Also, make sure you’re wearing your orange headband to indicate you are Out Of Game until you’re ready to start acting in character. If you don’t have an orange headband handy, hold your arm or a weapon or claw boffer over your head instead.
    6.  Have fun! Starting at 8:00 PM, game is on, and you’ll be roleplaying as your character. Check out the timeline page for more details on what that might be like.
    7. End of Game - Game typically ends at 8:00 AM Sunday, unless stated otherwise. At this time, you should
      1. Eat some kind of breakfast, and do your morning toiletries
      2. Change out of your character garb into street clothes
      3. Pack your stuff back up and into your car
      4. Thoroughly clean your cabin or sleeping area
      5. Do your clean up chore
    8. After finishing your chore, head to the Check Out line, and talk to Logistics about any changes made to your character sheet. If you have any magic item tags (enchanted weapons, for example) that had changes made to them, you need  to turn those in as well so the changes can be attached to your character’s profile.
    9. Closing Ceremonies - After everyone’s finished with chores and Check Out, we take a few minutes to talk about the game, share some stories, and socialize
    10. Afters - This is a consistent variable which is sometimes organized by players where friends can gather, talk about game and decompress over a good meal. Restaurant locale and who organizes it varies by site.