Frequently Asked Questions

What is LARPing?

LARPing stands for Live Action Role-Playing. It's a form of role-playing game where participants dress as and physically act out their characters. Picture D&D, but wearing fun costumes and swinging around foam swords in the woods.

How long is an event?

Legacies events are a weekend long experience! Game begins Friday evening at 8pm, and ends Sunday morning at 8am. Then, we clean up the site, have a closing ceremony, and head our separate ways. Once in a while, events can be 4 days in length starting on Friday and going until Monday.

How often do you meet?

Once a month! Dates can most often be found either on the website, or in our discord channel #event-dates along with information such as whose plot reign it is and the In-game location (if revealed). Additionally, you can find information about the event Blanket in these locations after each event. 

Everybody's throwing around all these fancy terms that I don't understand - what do they mean?

Are there power outlets at game?

Yes! We have outlets in several cabins, the kitchen, and a few other locations around site. If you require an outlet for medical or other reasons, feel free to ask a Ref or anybody else for assistance finding one.

How does cooking work?

We have access to a full kitchen. Bring your own food that you intend to eat throughout the evening, then clean the dishes you use afterwards. The kitchen is an Out of Game space, so you don't need to role play as your character while cooking.

Is there internet access at game?

Depending on the site, you might have access to your cellular data, but there's no guarantee.

What’s the difference between a live entry and a not-live-entry?

Most games will have a not-live-entry in place. That means you can come into town however which way as best suits your character. If you show up at an event that *is* live entrance, you have to make your way to Plot Camp for a briefing by a Plot ref and make your way into town. Sometimes there will be combat on the way there, but most often it is because something weird is happening that your character would’ve noticed on their way into town.

Wow, this all sounds really cool! How do I join?

We're glad to have you with us, new friend - check out the Getting Started page for an in depth explanation of the new player process, and be sure to join the Discord and ask us questions if you've got any problems.

How much does it cost per event?

New players get a discounted price of $25 for their first event, while returning members pay $50. Event is free for Plot members or Full Time NPCs. These funds are used to help cover site rental, as well as pay the operational costs of Legacies LARP. 

What’s the difference between the redbubble store and the basic needs store?

The basic needs store is contactable via their channel on our discord & sells phys-reps for common items like locks, vials and armor repair kits, as well as some racial marking tattoos.

The Redbubble store has merchandise, which includes things like maps, mugs, day to day wear, and ritual symbols (incanter and archon level), tapestries or blankets! 

What’s NPCing?

An NPC is a “Non Player Character”, like a monster or a background character in a video game. An NPC is someone who volunteers to not play their own Player Character (PC) for a period of time during game, and instead plays a monster, a villager, or anyone else that the Plot team needs. 

Anyone can NPC, and you don’t need to sign up ahead of time - simply walk into plot camp and offer to NPC, they’ll be delighted to have you. 

Similarly, “Full Time NPCs” are players who volunteer to play an NPC for the entirety of event, and receive a free event fee. Legacies can only have up to three Full Time NPCs per event, so if you want to do this, be sure to ask Plot ahead of time if they’ve got space. 

What is Plot, and what do they do?

The Plot team is responsible for providing the storyline that the Player Characters at Legacies LARP interact with. This all-volunteer team tells a story over the course of several months at Legacies, lead by the Head of Plot. The Plot team plays the monsters the PCs fight, the townsfolk in distress who need rescuing, and everyone in between. They also answer Lore questions, adjudicate rituals, and make sure each event runs smoothly. 

What’s a Rewrite, and how does it work?

There are 3 different "types" of rewrite:

What is an Equipment Starter Kit, And What Do I Do With It?

For a more complete answer, please see our Starter Equipment Guide.