Email a Ref:

Executive Officers:

Used for contacting the Executive Officers of Legacies: Andrew A, James F, and Kitiara Z.


Use this email for getting character history, contact, and lore approvals. You may also email for tips on how to adapt your concept into the Legacies setting or for general inquiries about the Legacies setting itself.


For submission of your character sheet and monthly production, if any. Logistics manages any changes you make to your character sheet and prepares them for event weekend. If you are doing minor changes to your character card, please just list changes in an email instead of sending the entire character spreadsheet each time. This saves Ray time from having to compare the changes you made to the database.


Email plot if your character is doing anything other than moving from event site to event site (unless otherwise directed by the current Plot team). Interaction with NPCs between events including your Contacts, traveling to other destinations between events, special projects you would like your character to accomplish. For projects, bring a game plan on how you think your character would accomplish them to improve your chances of success.

Environmental Encounters Team:

Want to speak more with an EET NPC you met in game? Do you have questions about an EET encounter you found? Do you have suggestions on a neat or fun random encounter and want to pass the idea along? Send an email to our Head of EET.

Player Advocate:

The Player Advocate is an elected position to speak on behalf of the playership to the organization. Should you have a concern about a player, staff member, committee, or specific incident any player may bring their concern to the Player Advocate. The Player Advocate's job is to bring your concern to the appropriate staff member and report back to the player on the solution that was given. The current PA is Savannah T., and can be reached at the email above. Additionally, should you not feel comfortable bringing your concern to the PA you may also submit an incident report, using the form available online, or at Logistics and Plot during events.


You may reach the Head of Rules through this email to work on any new rules Research projects, committee inquiries, rulebook typos or errors, etc. It is recommended that any general mechanic questions and other questions about the rules be posted on the rules forum or in the #📚rules support channel on the Discord where more rules members and other players may assist in answering you faster. This email is for contacting the Head of Rules directly.


The Safety team is committed to maintaining a healthy and safe game environment for all players. If you have any thoughts, concerns, or questions about the safety at game, from information on our Covid Policies to our general operations, you can contact our Safety Staff here.

Public Relations:

The Public Relations team uses social media and event outreach to represent Legacies and draw in new players. Follow Legacies on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to show your support. Even better, send us pictures of your crafting projects, costumes, and pets for use in upcoming posts! You can also join the Legacies LARP Facebook group for internal announcements and discussions.