Starter Equipment

Equipping a Character: Getting Your Tags

Now that you've gone through the process of creating a character, acquiring your wardrobe, and your physical representations (phys-reps), this section will describe how to represent items in the physical world. As described in the rulebook on page 77, each item that affects the game world has both a phys-rep and an item tag. So starting gear, in its most basic form, is made up of tags which you can either attach to phys-reps, keep in a tag book, or carry in an Altoids tin or similar container. Your character will also carry coins, divided into copper pieces (pence), silver (sterling), 5 sterling notes (a slip of paper worth 5 silver each), and gold (crown) pieces. Converting between the currency is simple - there are 10 Copper pieces in one silver piece, 5 silver pieces to a note, and 10 silvers in a gold. It is recommended you store these in a small coin purse or bag.

So, how do you get these item tags? As a new player, you can purchase everything with the starting gold you get automatically at character creation. New Characters receive 1000 Copper Pieces worth of funds to spend on equipment, plus 10 Copper Pieces per skill point on their character. For example, the typical 100 Skill Point new character would receive a total of 2000 Copper. If you need more funds, you can also spend Favor, a secondary currency awarded at character creation or for helping support the Legacies organization, at a rate of 1 favor per 2 Copper.

You have the following options:

Equipment falls under 3 different general categories: Alchemy, Smithing, and Magic. Magic consists of spell scrolls, spell potions, invocations & ritual scrolls. Alchemical items are vials with varied effects, divided into three subcategories. Medicinals focus on healing, poisons on harming other characters, and reactives are special tools to counter various other in-game effects and circumstances.

Smithed items are things like weapons (melee, missile, and thrown), barriers (bucklers & shields), utility (ropes & chains), mechanical / precision items (locks, keys, manacles, lockpicks), transportation (carts, wagons, boats, horses), arcane components (permanent ritual symbols, ritual components) and general crafting (simple, moderate and complex items). All these items require both an item tag and a corresponding phys-rep, except for horses, carts, and boats, which are always represented off-screen and don't require a phys-rep.

Starting magical-related things comes in four forms: ritual scrolls (parchment colored paper, 8.5” by 11”,), invocations (white or parchment 8.5” x 5.5” pieces of paper), potions (blue tags taped to or in vials) and scrolls (green tags). All the equipment packs which contain scrolls assume your character is capable of reading magic, which is why scrolls are included. If your character does not have the Read Magic skill, or you're not inclined to use them, you can always sell them off to people in game. If you read through the “Phys Rep Aids,” you'll find a handy spell scroll creation tutorial  written by one of our players. You'll need to craft your spell scrolls yourself, and tape the item tags to the scroll blank after you receive them at your first game.

Alchemy is denoted by pink tags when taped to vials or in a tag book[1], but is denoted by packets & an alchemy signature call when thrown.

Tag Acquisition: How To Get Them

Now that we've established definitions of the different types of physical representations and how it connects to tags, here's the information on their acquisition. Our talented logistics team has gone ahead to prepare 8 different “starter sets” of equipment that you may choose from to buy your starting gear. Alternatively, you can purchase everything you'd like your character to have without going through the kit, which would allow you to customize your gear set beyond what the starter kits provide. You can also use a starter kit as a baseline for your equipment, then customize it by selling back some items and purchasing others. If you are following a card example from Appendix 1: Sample Characters (p. 173 of the rulebook), you will discover each one has some “suggested” starter gear based on the abilities listed on the card.

Of note, all of the starter kits total to 10 Gold / 1000 Copper worth of equipment - they do not take into account gold from skill points. As a result, most first-time characters should have an additional 10 gold on top of this. Additionally, these kits only include the item tags. You will need to provide your phys-reps yourself.

Equipment Pack 1: The Smith & Magic Starter Kit

Equipment Pack 2: The Smith & Alchemy Starter Kit

Equipment Pack 3: The Magic & Alchemy Starter Kit

Equipment Pack 4: The Smith Starter Kit

Equipment Pack 5: Magic Starter Kit

Equipment Pack 6: Alchemist Starter Kit

Equipment Pack 7: Incanter Starter Kit

Equipment Pack 8: Healer Starter Kit

  1. Tag books, vials, tape and "By My Will" scroll blanks can be obtained through the basic needs store channel on the Legacies discord.